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St. Rose of Lima Parish Mission Statement

Saint Rose of Lima is a faith community united in fellowship by the love of Christ,  called to bring forth God's Kingdom through personal conversion, spiritual growth, and service to the Church and it's members.

Our community responds to the Lord's call by offering its gifts for service through parish ministries, in line with the teachings of the Second Vatican Council, being aware of the signs of the times through which God continues to speak to us.  Our community benefits from the richness of it's ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  We welcome our new members with open and warm hearts.

We recognize our need to grow in Christ through a better knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Church through an effective program of education in the faith for all ages.  We shall work as a team to develop programs and build facilities so that the Kingdom of God may be a reality in our midst and that like Jesus, we may be the Light of the World.


St. Rose of Lima Parish Goals


The parish of St Rose of Lima has the following general goals:

  1. To form a Christian community where all its members can grow in knowledge and love of our Father, and our brother Jesus Christ, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit; and where we can learn to bear witness to Christ throughout our daily lives.

  2. To provide programs for the spiritual growth of the community and to give opportunities for service through participation in parish lay ministries.

  3. To provide a coordinated system of building facilities and areas to meet current and foreseeable spiritual, educational, and social needs of the Saint Rose of Lima community.





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About Our Parish

Saint Rose of Lima was erected into a parish on September 29, 1981, by the former San Antonio Archbishop Patrick F. Flores, DD. The parish was taken from the western sections of Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church. Rev. Kevin Ryan was appointed first pastor, and served the parish from 1981 to 1991. In February 1982, the parish acquired 10.3 acres to serve as grounds for future parish buildings. After a few months gathering at the adjacent Pete and Bernice Pavilion, an old barracks building was acquired and used as a church until 1987, when the present Parish Hall was built and used as a multipurpose building, including Mass on weekends, until the building of the final church in 2005.

The parish grew from the initial 350 families to over two thousand at the inauguration of the new church on December 4, 2005 presided over by Archbishop Jose H. Gomez, STD. A Religious Education Center, with 16 classrooms and an office, was completed in 1997, to take care of more than a thousand children registered in religious education.

A Ladies Society was established in November 1981, and a Men’s Club in January 1982, along with the St. Vincent de Paul Society to help the needy of the parish area.. A Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) was formed in May of that same year. An annual parish festival, the ROSEFEST, was started in August 1982 and has been held every year up to the present. ROSEFEST is now held in the spring, due to better weather conditions.

Fr. Juan I. Alfaro was appointed pastor in November 1991 and guided the parish up to June 30, 2016. In 1996, additional land, 3.5 acres, was obtained for the new church; the number of weekend masses was increased from four to six, one of them bilingual. In October, 2013, we acquired 13.9 acres of land adjacent to the church grounds for future expansion, and with a fund drive, was paid off in 2-1/2 years.

Father Virgil Elizondo was assigned to the parish as Parochial Vicar in 1996 to his death in 2016. From 1997 to 2008, Father Juan Alfaro obtained the yearly services of priests from the Philippines who helped meet the growing needs of the parish. The construction of the Religious Education Center provided room for additional adult Bible classes, for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), and for meetings of parish organizations.

In October, 1995, Tony Lira, Rey Jasso and Chester Ostaszewski were ordained Deacons and assigned to serve the parish. In June, 2011, they were joined by Robert Espinosa, and June 2011, Frank Garcia was ordained. In 2015, Deacon Robert and Deacon Chester passed away due to health issues. We were fortunate to be assigned 2 new Deacons in June/July, 2016; Robert Rosales and Ed Domowski.

With the passage of years, new organizations and programs came to life at Saint Rose: The Knights of Columbus started a dynamic Council in 1995, and a Squires Circle under the Knights was established in 2002. A Senior Social weekly gathering began in 1998. A fundraising program commenced in 1998 to build a new church and raised the 3.5 million dollars needed to obtain permission from the archdiocese to proceed with the building for the church. Parish activity has continued to grow with the involvement of over 800 adults in various ministries and services. Saint Rose of Lima Church was named an “Excellent Parish” in a national survey in 2001. A Guadalaupano/Guadalupana group was formed which meets on the 12th of every month to recite a rosary to Our Lady, and sponsors the Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration every December 12. In 2006, the ACTS Retreats began, with 4 retreats being held a year, 2 Spanish, 2 English and 1 Teen. We also have a Homebound Ministry team that takes the Eucharist to the homebound on Friday mornings. Also active is a Telephone Prayer Chain that responds to any requests for prayers that come through the office, and a Prayer Blanket Ministry that sews blankets that are blessed and available for those needing prayer during a difficult time.

On July 1, 2016, Fr. Steven Gamez was assigned as the third Pastor of St. Rose of Lima Parish.